Maintenance Support

Cormack Commercial’s maintenance service will help you to manage a range of systems, fittings and equipment, and when things go wrong, from leaky taps to blocked drains and broken toilet seats your staff, customers and profits will not be affected.

  • We can deal with a wide range of minor repairs and breakdowns as well as more serious problems requiring qualified engineers
  • Call out charge is £40.00 (includes the first hour of work) and each subsequent hour is £20.00
  • We operate a three day turn around policy. Whatever the problem, we will either diagnose and fix it within three days or we’ll diagnose it and let you know within three days if a longer time frame is required (if a part needs to be ordered, for instance)
  • We can manage your gas and electricity certificates, reminding you when they are due for renewal and then make sure that any work is done on time by qualified engineers
  • We are experienced, efficient, safe and used to working to deadlines
  • We offer a 24 hour call out service at an additional cost
  • We can offer you a set number of hours guaranteed maintenance support per week if you purchase the platinum package
  • We offer various premises support services to help you to prolong the life of your assets, and take the best care of your staff and customers
  • We will work to make your workplace a safe and comfortable environment

In order to book the services of our excellent maintenance team please contact us on 0117 4032292 or fill in the contact form.