Cleaning, hygiene and maintenance services

Cleaning – Covers all of your cleaning needs, including window cleaning. Cost of the package will include the eco-friendly cleaning products used by our staff and all admin fees.

Hygiene Services include

  • Management of sanitary bins
  • Management of nappy bins
  • Urinal care
  • Air care
  • For an additional cost you can opt for free, on loan toilet roll and soap dispensers with the toilet roll and soap supplied (at as discounted rate) and dispensers filled by Cormack.

Maintenance – Supports and manages failure in a range of systems, fittings and equipment,
minimising levels of disruption for your staff and customers. When you have a repair that needs doing just phone our office number during working hours.

  • We deal with minor repairs and breakdowns as well as more serious problems requiring qualified engineers.
  • We operate a three day turn around policy. Whatever the problem, we will either diagnose and fix it within three days or we’ll diagnose it and let you know within three days if a longer time frame is required (if a part needs to be ordered, for instance).
  • We are experienced, efficient, safe and used to working to deadlines.

Other supplies and products, from printer ink to teabags, are available at a discounted price as part of this package.

You will be given a detailed checklist to show exactly what cleaning and supplies we have promised to provide you with.

n.b. All Cormack services can be purchased individually, however, purchasing a package gives access to the discounted rates.